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Why Pressure Washing a Commercial Parking Lot is Essential

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Business owners want to make their businesses grow and prosper. They always welcome new techniques, strategies, and ideas for its development. They are always on the go for everything that will improve their goods or services.

Indeed, the focal point to attain business success is quality products or services. But there are also so many factors to be considered to make a business appealing to gain continuous support from its patron. Good customer service is also essential.

When we say good customer service, it involves anything that can give a positive experience to every client who avails goods and services. This also involves the cleanliness of stores and offices. Needless to say, cleanliness means not only on the inside but also outside business premises.

Making a storefront is essential to give customers satisfaction that can lead to business growth. Aside from the storefronts, commercial parking lots should also be given the much-needed cleaning attention to invite more customers to come and keep the old ones coming back.

The importance of a clean commercial parking lot

It increases curb appeal. Yes, a clean and sparkling storefront is indeed inviting but a dirty parking lot is a real turn-off, ruining the appeal of your building facade. In other words, a clean parking lot accentuates the beauty and attractiveness of a clean storefront.

It promotes health and sanitation. Dingy car parks equate to dirt, germs, and microbes creeping and lurking in the area. That is definitely unhealthy and unsanitary. When stepped on, these filthy substances can be carried inside the stores and offices, too. Also, dust and dirt can cause eye and nasal allergies among customers and employees as well. Regular parking lot cleaning removes all these dirt and impurities that will also lead to cleaner surroundings and lesser dirt inside your business premises.

It boosts safety. Leaks and spills like oil, grease, water, and even food are very common on parking lots. These can cause accidents like slip and fall leading to injuries. Nails, screws, and broken glasses can also be present, which can be harmful not only to car tires but to humans as well. Sadly, injuries or accidents within the premises can make building or business owners liable for it.

It gives a positive customer experience. A clean and neat surrounding brings a positive vibe, giving customers a great shopping experience. This can lead to positive reviews and promotion through word of mouth, inviting new customers to come while keeping the regular patrons.

It saves money. Regular car lot cleaning can save you from bigger repair expenses in the future. As cleaning reveals cracks and holes, and other minor damages, you can do early repairs preventing bigger damages.

Common elements that make parking areas dirty

Since most parking lots are open and exposed to natural elements, it is hard to maintain them clean. Here are some common elements that make parking lots dirty.

  • Soil, gravel, and sand
  • Grease, fluid, and oil leaks
  • Chewed Gum
  • Dirty water or mud
  • Rust Stain
  • Screw, nails, and broken glasses
  • Accumulated trash and left-over food that attracts pests and insects.
  • Bird droppings, fruits and dried flowers falling from trees, dried leaves and twigs, if there are trees nearby.

Parking lot cleaning and maintenance through pressure washing

Most building owners with parking lots have assigned staff to do the daily cleaning. Although regular sweeping and water hose washing can somehow help to avoid the accumulation of dirt, it cannot give the thorough cleaning that parking lots need.

Given the large area that parking lots occupy, one effective way to clean it is through pressure washing. This can make the cleaning process easier in a shorter period of time. However, when you do pressure washing, consider the type of surface so as to apply the appropriate pressure and length of time in cleaning.

Asphalt Surface Cleaning
Asphalt is durable and affordable which is why many use it in commercial parking lots. Moreso, its black, beautiful finish boosts a structure's curb appeal. To make asphalt last longer, seal coating helps as it provides an additional protective layer. Since asphalt is petroleum-based, not all cleaning solutions, especially those with strong chemicals are safe to use on it as it can cause cracks and other damages. Be sure to read product labels before using any store-bought cleanser on any asphalt surfaces.

When pressure washing a parking lot with an asphalt surface, use lower pressure and do not aim the nozzle too close to prevent damage.

Concrete Surface Cleaning
Concrete is also one of the most common materials used for parking lot surfaces. It is affordable, durable, and impact resistant. Since concrete is porous in nature, it can hold a lot of dirt and grime, making it a little difficult to clean. Pressure washing is an effective way to clean concrete parking lots. Heavy-duty cleaner or soap can also be used for tough dirt and stains.

Why hire pressure washing professionals for parking lot cleaning

Are you not confident enough that you can handle the complicated and tedious job of cleaning your parking lot? Worry no more and seek the help of the experts in the job. Professional pressure washing companies like Hydrocleaning in the Portland area offer services at reasonable prices.

The professionals understand every cleaning job very well. How long should pressure washing be? What type of nozzle should be used? Are you going to use low or high pressure on a particular type of surface? They can answer all these questions to give the cleaning that you need while giving the proper care that your property deserves. Professionals do the pressure washing in a very short period of time, thus, it will not hamper business operation.

By calling the experts to do the job, you can rid yourself of stress and worries. No parking lot is big or small, Hydrocleaning can surely get the cleaning done in no time. Feel free to contact us and our staff is on stand-by for more information.

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