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Parking Lot Striping For Your Portland Business

Parking lot striping

Having a neat, professional-looking parking lot is essential for any Portland business owner, and a great way to keep it looking neat is with parking lot striping. The paint used during striping is durable and lasts quite a while, but it won't last forever, and it will eventually begin to fade. When that happens, call the pressure washing pros at HydroCleaning for quality parking lot striping today.

We offer:

  • Highest quality paints
  • Free Estimates
  • Premier Parking Lot Striping

When you need parking lot striping for your Portland business, call the experts at HydroCleaning today!

Parking Lot Striping Is Not A DIY

You could rent a machine to make the stripes on your parking lot, but getting those lines perfectly straight isn't as easy as it may seem. You're going to need an experienced parking lot striping technician to take care of it for you; it's definitely not a DIY job.

Our skilled team offers a myriad of commercial pressure washing to keep your business looking great:

So, don't delay, call HydroCleaning today!

Parking Lot Striping – How Often Should It Be Done

Most business owners usually have their lots restriped at least once a year, but depending on the paint, it can last longer. Here are a few conditions that will help you decide when it's time for parking lot striping:

  • When the paint begins to fade
  • Weather conditions
  • Volume of traffic

Our specialists at HydroCleaning will make sure your parking lot looks great, so give us a call today for professional parking lot striping.

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