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Guide To Storefront Cleaning In The Portland/Metro Area

Guide to storefront cleaning in the portland metro area

Maintaining a business is a multi-faceted task. Although its primary goal is to give quality goods or services to its clientele, there are many more things to consider in keeping up a business. A friendly and accommodating staff is also essential to attract more customers and to keep old ones coming back.

How a storefront looks can help customers decide whether to enter a store and avail themselves goods or services or not. The customers’ first impression can make or break your business. That is why it is a big plus to keep stores and offices clean. When it says clean, that means not only on the inside but also on the outside. Business owners and operators should always bear in mind that as much as they take efforts to make the interiors of stores and offices clean and orderly, their exteriors need the same attention.

The Importance of a Clean Storefront

Here are some reasons why a clean storefront is a must to make a business thrive:

It boosts curb appeal. It is undeniable that customers will prefer one with a neat storefront over a dingy one.

It improves customers’ experience. A clean shop front invites customers as it brings a positive vibe, giving the promise of a great shopping experience.

It generates positive advertisements. One effective advertising method is promotion through word of mouth. One customer’s positive experience in a shop can be relayed to others, inviting new customers to come and visit it.

It creates a positive image. A clean shop front represents responsible and efficient business owners and store managers. A clean store also improves customers’ and employees’ moods.

It is healthy and sanitary. Filthy storefronts can mean germs and microbes lurking all over the place. Also, dust and dirt can cause eye or nasal allergies that can be harmful to store staff and customers as well.

It promotes safety. Regular maintenance on store sidewalks removes leaks and spills that can cause slips, falls, and other accidents.

It saves building owners from greater expenses in the future. Regular cleaning can reveal stains, blemishes, cracks, holes, and other minor damages that can be removed and repaired to avoid larger damages in the future.

It invites investors. Aside from inviting customers, tidy storefronts lure investors and businessmen to sell their products in that store.

Storefront Cleaning Services

For commercial cleaning services in Portland/Metro Area, Hydrocleaning is the perfect choice that gives satisfying results.

Here are some of the services that they offer to give storefronts a new look:

Window Cleaning

Windows and display windows are one of the important parts of a storefront that needs regular cleaning and maintenance. It allows customers to take a peek at what is inside your store. Clean, sparkling windows give a clear view of the products for sale. It can entice customers to come inside and probably buy something from the store. Also, it allows the sun’s rays to enter the store and provide adequate lighting during the day.

Glass windows are fragile, thus it needs delicate cleaning. Hydrocleaning understands the proper ways of cleaning and removing tough dirt and stains while being gentle on its surface.

Building Washing

To make a business stand out, a thorough building washing can make a big difference. It can give a new look to buildings, thus increasing its curb appeal. It removes dirt, dust, stains, and grimes giving a polished finished to storefront and building siding.

Hydrocleanng offers commercial building wash with noticeable results that can make business establishments exceptional among its competitors.

Sidewalk Cleaning

A dirty sidewalk can also lead to dirty stores. Since people are coming in and out of the store, they tend to carry ground soil, grease, food spills, mud, as well as germs and bacteria inside the store. In this case, maintaining a clean store interior starts from the outside. This proves that a clean sidewalk is a must.

Hydrocleaning accepts commercial sidewalk cleaning jobs to keep stores and storefronts tidy and germ-free. Using state-of-the-art pressure washers, they can assure customers of efficient service with satisfying results. As trained professionals, their staff members understand different types of surfaces and the appropriate amount of pressure that should be applied in cleaning them. Rest assured that your properties are well taken care of as they blast on impurities and blemishes.

Parking Lot Cleaning

Although most commercial buildings have a separate larger area for parking lots, some have assigned areas for parking right in front of their stores. Some customers opt for that spot for easier access. A business owner should always see to it that the whole area is also clean. A dirty parking lot is an eyesore. Moreso, it can cause accidents leading to injuries where the store owners can be held liable.

Hydrocleaning uses power washers operated by their experienced and trained staff for every parking lot cleaning job. This removes oil and transmission fluid spills, tire marks, rust, water stains, paint, algae, molds, and mildews. Also, they offer parking lot maintenance and parking lot striping job that give a neat and more professional look. Worry not and let Hydrocleaning do the job.

Graffiti Removal

There are times when storefronts or roll-up doors became a target of graffiti leaving it messy and unsightly. This needs to be clean properly depending on the paint that was used and the type of surface where it is.

Hydrocleaning offers graffiti removal jobs at affordable prices. They can remove graffiti leaving no ugly marks. If needed, they use mild, eco-friendly solutions so as not to harm the surface.

Proper washing and maintenance bring back a storefront’s to its original grandeur and beauty. A sparkling clean facade is always important to make a business stand out among competitors. Opt for professional exterior cleaning services for excellent results. With Hydrocleaning services, you can always get your money’s worth- that is superb service finished in no time, done by a friendly and accommodating staff.

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