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Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist For Portland Metro Area

Outdoor spring cleaning checklist for portland metro area

After a long hiatus from the winter months, people welcome the season of spring. One thing that is much related to the spring season is spring cleaning. Most people prepare a to-do list of cleaning that should be done inside their homes and commercial spaces but do not forget that outdoor spring cleaning is also a must after the long winter break.

Why Outdoor Spring Cleaning Is A Must

  1. A clean facade and surrounding increase a home or a commercial area’s curb appeal. It serves as an investment if you are planning to sell your homes. On the other hand, a commercial establishment that is neat and polished attracts more customers.
  2. Clean surrounding from the outside reflects orderly and highly-organized homeowners or business managers. It brings a positive vibe to your homes and commercial spaces. Businesswise, it creates a positive impression not only on consumers but on investors as well.
  3. Most often than not, a clean surrounding equates to safety. Aside from cleaning and polishing, storefronts and house perimeter are regularly checked for damages. Necessary repairs can be done. Thus, you can avoid common accidents like a slip, fall, or being struck by a falling object.
  4. Having a clean environment is a healthy practice. Regular cleaning and washing eliminate dust and dirt as well as allergens, germs, and bacteria. This can protect homeowners and business owners, as well as investors and customers against irritation and allergies when they visit your place.
  5. A clean and organized surrounding brings happiness, improves mood, increases focus and productivity, and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Gutter Cleaning and Clean the Moss Off The Roof - Leaves and other debris like twigs, small branches, or bird’s nests may still accumulate on your gutter during the winter. When spring comes, it is advisable to unclog gutters so that water will not overflow when the rain comes in spring and summer. Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow, putting weight in the gutter itself and also on your roof. This can cause damage and may break them. Get rid of problems in the future and check your roof and gutters as the spring comes.
  • Wash off the siding - Dirt may pile up on your building’s siding during winter, leaving unwanted marks and stains when the snow melts. Give your siding a fresher look by giving it its much-needed wash after the winter months. Clean from top to bottom for a cleaner finish. Depending on the materials used on your building’s siding, use the appropriate cleaning solutions so as not to damage it. Strong chemicals, as well as hard-bristled scrubs, can leave it deteriorated and unsightly. Be careful of slips and falls when you use high ladders as you go cleaning.
  • Make your windows sparkle - Remove curtains, curtain rods, and screens to make window cleaning easier with better results. Aside from cleaning windows from the inside, it is as important to set a schedule for cleaning them from the outside. It will definitely give a clearer view of your surrounding while indoors. You might even choose to keep it open and welcome the spring and summer breeze inside your buildings. Be sure to use the appropriate cleaning tools and solutions when cleaning windows so as not to damage them. Check for signs of damage and do the necessary repairs to avoid greater problems in the future.
  • Pressure wash your driveway and walkway - When the snow melts, stains and unsightly marks will show. This is the best tie to give them a wash. You can do it by using a hose, a long-handled scrub, and cleaning solutions of your choice. You can make your own cleaning solution using readily available materials like parts of vinegar or dishwashing detergent mixed with water. A variety of cleaners is available in the market. Be sure to use cleaning solutions that will not damage your windows.
  • Check your fence and gate - More than just for the protection of your properties, a polished fence and gate added an extra appeal to your building exterior’s overall look. A good wash will not only make fences and gates beautiful and clean, but it will also kill molds, germs, and bacteria that can cause early damage. You can also do some fence and gate washing to prepare them for repainting.

For commercial properties, other areas that need spring cleaning and maintenance are storefronts, sidewalks, and parking lots.

Exterior cleaning can be an overwhelming task. Doing it by yourself can be tiring and stressful. You might just be exerting too much effort, time, and money, and yet you will be frustrated with poor results.

That is when HydroCleaning NW LLC comes in. Once a household name for pressure washing services and other exterior cleaning jobs, our company also offers commercial cleaning service. For residential cleaning and commercial cleaning services in the Portland Metro area, HydroCleaning NW LLC is always ready to assist you.

Locally established and family-owned, HydroCleaning NW LLC can assure you of quality services at reasonable prices. We always make sure that we treat our project like ours, giving them the care and attention that it needs. We will handle it just like how we handle our own home and residential cleaning jobs.

Different surfaces need different cleaning tools and techniques. Since we understand that some surfaces are sensitive and delicate compared to others, we do apply soft pressure in washing so as not to damage them. For hard surfaces that need thorough cleaning due to stubborn dirt and stains, our pressure washing machine is one of the latest of its kind.

We also use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and cleaners to make sure that they will not harm you and your properties, even your pets and plants as well. You do not even need to worry about accidents like slips and falls. Our staff is composed of professionals that are trained and learned about safety guidelines and precautions while doing their job.

HydroCleaning NW LLC is just a phone call away. For exterior cleaning services in the Portland Metro area, just contact us and our friendly staff and operators will always be happy to assist you.

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