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What To Know About Low-Pressure House Washing

Low pressure house washing

Are you wondering about house washing and what the differences are between low-pressure washing, power washing, soft washing, and so on? It can certainly be confusing if you're thinking about calling in a professional for pressure washing.

House washing is generally a term that describes a more complete service than just an individual service like roof cleaning. Although, to tell the truth, even roof cleaning will include exterior gutter cleaning, depending on the house washing professional you choose. So, yes, it can get confusing!

To help clear things up a little about house washing, take a look at the info below.

Power Washing & Pressure Washing

The first thing to know about house washing is what the differences are between the different methods that can be used. Power washing and pressure washing are the same things, so you will often hear these terms used interchangeably.

Low-pressure house washing is a method that won't damage the siding or painted surface. Professionals use a low setting on their powerful pressure washing machines. Low water pressure is used with a special soft washing cleaning solution.

Another thing to know is there's a big difference between the type of pressure washing machines you can get as a homeowner and those we use. If you compare the difference, we can strip the paint right off metal or even cut through metal with the right machine.

Even with a rental machine, you can cause damage to your asphalt shingles, deck, roof, or vinyl siding with a rental pressure washing machine. It makes better sense to hire a professional who knows what setting to use. Even for roof cleaning and on the different surfaces of your house, they need to use a safer technique.

How Low-Pressure House Washing Works

The normal water pressure used is normally from 60 to 300 psi, depending on the delicacy of the surface material to be cleaned. 60 psi is 20 psi above the water pressure of your garden hose.

House washing professionals usually mix two or more environmentally friendly cleaning products together to create an environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

The solution can be formulated to kill algae, mold, mildew, moss, and lichen. This type of soft wash solution also prevents its regrowth, leaving the surface treated against algae for several months.

Low Pressure For Roof Cleaning

Asphalt shingles are one of those delicate building materials that can get damaged by high power pressure washing. If high water pressure is used for roof cleaning, the limestone in the asphalt shingles can get knocked loose from the asphalt.

Low-pressure roof cleaning with soft washing detergents won't do this damage. Roof shingle manufacturers have actually listed this method as the only approved shingle cleaning method on their warranties. You don't want to risk voiding your shingle warranty with high power pressure washing.

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