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4 Types Of Siding And The Proper Way Of Cleaning Them

4 types of siding and the proper way of cleaning them

One of the most visible parts of a house is the siding. Siding is any material that clad or covers the outer wall of a building. Aside from giving a beautiful finish, it also protects a home from harsh weather and natural elements like rain, snow, wind, smoke, and pollution. Without a siding, water may enter your homes that causing bigger problems that can lead to extensive damage. Siding also gives proper insulation, thus help in lowering energy bills.

The Basics In Cleaning Siding

Since the siding is expos giving homes an ugly and filthy finish. You may want to have a regular cleaning schedule to keep it clean and long-lasting.

Here are some tips that you can follow when cleaning siding.

  1. Clean the siding when the sun is not too hot and not shining directly on your house. The direct sunlight dries the surface too fast, even if you are still mid-way through the cleaning process.
  2. Inspect the siding first for possible damage. Do the necessary repairs first before cleaning.
  3. Divide the entire area to be cleaned into smaller ones. Clean them one after the other using a scrub. You can rinse it off with a water hose.
  4. Protect plants near the house by covering them with plastic sheets while cleaning.
  5. Take note of the washing instructions that go with the type of siding that you are cleaning. Using chemicals or hard-bristled brushes on delicate ones may damage its surface.
  6. Observe safety. Keep children and pets away from the area you are cleaning.
  7. When using a cleaning solution, use proper personal protective equipment like gloves, face masks, and eye goggles. Wear proper shoes to protect your feet and to avoid slipping.
  8. When using ladders, make sure that it is strong enough to carry your weight and is propped in a safe, sturdy base.

Common Types Of Siding And How To Clean Them

Siding needs regular cleaning to remove dirt and grime. Since they are made from different types of materials, the cleaning process varies.

Vinyl Siding Vinyl siding is low-maintenance compared with its counterparts. It is also available in different colors and textures, making it a versatile choice without hurting your pocket. Vinyl siding can be cleaned easily with water using a hose or a washer. You can also use ordinary cloth or a soft-bristled brush with a good cleaning solution. You can choose an effective cleaner from the list.

  • Use a solution made of 70% water and 30% white vinegar.
  • For stubborn stains and dirt, you can mix together ⅓ cup of powdered detergent, ⅔ cup of household cleaner, a quart of laundry bleach, and a gallon of water.
  • You can also combine a gallon of water and a cup of oxygen bleach so as not to harm plants in the area while cleaning.
  • Rinse very well with an ample amount of water to remove residues and let the area dry completely.

Brick Siding Brick is a popular choice for its elegant, stately, and classic appeal. It is also low-maintenance and energy-efficient. Cleaning can be done by washing the surface with water using a hose or a spray. Just check for mold and mildew accumulation in the parts located in shaded areas.

  • To remove molds and mildew, prepare a cleaning solution that is made by mixing a gallon of water and a cup of bleach. Scrub the target area with a soft-bristled brush and give it a thorough wash.
  • Do always check the mortar that binds the brick. It is not as durable as the brick itself and can be damaged with harsh cleaning methods and strong cleaning solutions.

Wood siding Wood is a favorite for those who want a traditional and rustic look for their homes. It can also be painted in different colors to fit a homeowners’ style and choice. Compared with vinyl and brick, wood needs extra attention when it comes to maintenance. Dirt, dust, smoke, and other pollutants can stick to wooden surfaces that make them look dull and old. Termites can also damage it while moisture, molds, and mildew can cause it to rot.

  • Wood siding can be cleaned with water and a brush. But for tougher dirt, you can use the following cleaning solutions. White vinegar diluted in water is an effective cleaner that you can use while brushing the surface. You can prepare a solution made by dissolving tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) in water. Use rubber gloves and eye goggles when doing this as TSP can cause allergic reactions and irritations. Dip a nylon brush in the solution and scrub the dirty surface.

Fiber Cement Siding Fiber cement siding is another practical choice for its durability. It can stand pest infestation and extreme temperatures. It is low maintenance and can be clean by water using a hose or a spray. Soapy water can also be used for tougher dirt. Be sure to rinse the areas well so as not to leave any residues on the surface. Do not use abrasive cleaners to protect the surface.

Let the professionals take charge of the cleaning

Pressure washing is an effective way of cleaning home exteriors. It can be purchased or rent easily. But it does not mean that anyone can use it. Never underestimate the power of the machine. Without the proper training, using a pressure washer can be very dangerous. It is better to hire a professional pressure washing service to do the job.

Not all exterior cleaning needs pressure washing. As siding can be very delicate, it needs proper care when washing. HydroCleaning NW LLC offers a soft washing technique to give your siding excellent cleaning without damaging them. It uses low pressure and a type of nozzle that further lessens the pressure of the water that is emitted by the machine.

For soft washing service in the Portland Metro area, just contact us and our ur team of professionals can assess your home’s exterior surfaces and the cleaning process that they need.

Take time to relax and worry not and we can assure you that your properties are well-taken cared of during the whole cleaning process.

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